Meet the Staff

Aimee Salecker, Center Director; ext. 223


Justin Macfarlane, Assistant Director of Programming; ext. 210


School Age Child Care Staff:

Nick DeMarco, Site Manager; ext. 214

Madelyn Bryant, Head Counselor

Alisha Rosa, Counselor

Megan St. Clair, Counselor

Amanda Bink, Counselor

Deanna Gulneck, Counselor

Madison McCoy, Counselor

Emily Prince, Counselor


Room To Bloom Preschool and Learning Center:

Tina Ritter, Head Teacher- 1/2 day class; ext. 233

Carol Ann Moriarty, Assistant Teacher- 1/2 day class

Brittany Patenaude, Head Teacher- Full Day class; ext. 234

Tammy McNeil, Assistant Teacher- Full Day class

Isabel Luna, Teacher’s Aide- Full Day Class



Don Muzio, Eldercare Transportation Program; ext. 218

Greg Mahar, Eldercare Assistant

Bob Garrett, Bookkeeper

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